Whitaker doing what he does best

Before the break, Davy Hite made a good point about Jake Whitaker, and more notably, about fishing your strengths, going with your confidence baits, when conditions are like they are now on Lake Chickamauga.

For Whitaker, that means throwing a small swimbait around boat docks. Those pesky and tiny threadfin shad are everywhere, making a downsized rig ideal for the job.

Photographer Shane Durrance is with him now. He reported that Whitaker is skipping the rig far back and beneath the docks, where the bass are using those as ambush points.

Whitaker told Shane that the key to the presentation is using a rod with a fast tip and stout backbone. His setup of choice is a 6' 9" ALX ZOLO SpinSkip designed specifically for the technique.

Shane Durrance