Where is the winner on the leaderboard?

Some statistics help connect the dots and reveal patterns in tournament fishing. Others just add a different twist or storyline to think about. Take this stat for what it's worth, but this is where the eventual winners were sitting on the leaderboard after two days of competition.

St. Johns Rick Clunn sat in 5th after two days
Lanier Paul Mueller was 2nd in the standings
Hartwell Brandon Cobb was the leader because he won wire to wire
Winyah Bay Stetson Blaylock was in 6th after two days
Lake Fork Brandon Cobb was also in 6th before mounting his charge
Guntersville Jamie Hartman was 17th after climbing from 46th on the prior day
St. Lawrence Micah Frazier was 12th after two days in Waddington

Who will win here and will they be in the Top 6? The gap this week seems to lean to that side of the spectrum. Jeff Gustafson had 49-1 after two days and sixth place Stetson Blaylock was 7-13 behind to start the day. That gap will need to be chipped down by a few more anglers if they want to stay within arms reach. That seems to be a good position after two days of competition with five of seven events telling that fact. Day 3 is often when anglers rise into contention and show they are here to stay. Three winners have came from the bottom half of the Top 10 on the final day (Clunn 8th, Hartman and Frazier both 10th).