Wheels up

“Wheels Up,” this morning! Not exactly the picture I’m trying to paint but stay with me a minute. KJ Queen is in an area today where he caught four of the fish he weighed in on stage yesterday. 

 Queen's not setting in one spot long. He’s working this area rather fast. It’s 1-2-3 casts, pull up the trolling motor and run across to another spot, 1-2-3 casts and repeat. 

 The Tarheel state angler has four in the box that go roughly four pounds. He’ll need to cull through those fish if he wants to flirt with the Top 10 as he did on Day 1. 

 Queen is throwing a crankbait and working it at a brisk rate. The more casts he can make, the more opportunity he will have to run into a good fish. 

 There’s a ton of bait breaking the surface around which confirms Queen's notion that he’s around fish. Getting the quality bites he’ll need today will be the key.