In Wheeler's wheelhouse

It’s only a hunch but a good one.

Jacob Wheeler has the lead according to BASSTrakk. Wheeler prides himself, and rightfully so, on the uncanny ability to dial into offshore smallmouth holding on isolated objects. Rocks come to mind. So do angles.

Angles as in lining up a bait presentation to specifically cross a particular rock. You might not think it’s a big deal, but think about how smallmouth gravitate toward the shady side of a single rock in extremely clear water and sunny conditions. Sometimes moving the lure on the sunny side is a bust. Get it on the shady side, or even the side nearest a deep water drop and you bet bit.

Wheeler has proven that several times this season. Namely, at the first event on Cherokee Lake, where he won fishing offshore and lining up his casts to cross the strike zone on a given piece of cover.

I recall interviewing him there and elsewhere. When you can describe with detail, like he can, how a smallmouth (or largemouth) is relating to a particular object, and duplicate it into a pattern, that is very impressive.

Photographer Garrick Dixon just arrived on his spot. So we have a gallery to look forward to later today. Until then here is a video shot by Garrick.