Whatley still alive

Brad Whatley is struggling this morning. But I imagine, he’s looking at the bright side of things, like he’s still alive.

I called Whatley last night trying to get a line on where guys were going or if they were going. The last three days, Whatley has made the longest trip across Lake Ontario boating to the Oswego area, some 100 miles away.

Whatley who is always straight forward and never sugar coats anything, simply said, “No, I’m not going. I would die.”

That sounds drastic. But probably not completely out of the question. He’s finally on the board this morning with likely the smallest fish that has seen his livewell all week.

Earlier we watched as he had a long battle with what Whatley estimated to be about a 4-pound smallmouth. That fish came unbuttoned. But he has to look at that as a positive as well.

He’s not fished in the river so today is a practice day more or less. Getting bit, and even losing them helps you dial in and there’s plenty of time left to make something happen.

And did I mention, he’s still alive.