What to watch for

Weather conditions are the main influencer about what will go down today on Lewisville Lake. 

Currently, and just like yesterday, the skies are overcast, so that means the shallow bite will be in play as those bass roam in search of baitfish. Later on, the sun appears, turning on the deeper bite. By deeper, that means anything not on the shoreline and out. Shallow and deep, the bass will reposition and the anglers in pursuit of them will need to adjust accordingly. 
The other influencer today will be the wind. Yesterday it hampered the shallow bite in two ways. First, it muddied up the red clay shorelines exposed to southerly wind, and then it made boat control challenging for the deeper bite. Yesterday, the wind howled with gusts to 30 mph. Today, the anglers get a bit of a reprieve, with the forecast calling for southerly winds at 10 mph, with gusts to 20 mph. 
What that could mean is that areas that were unfishable yesterday might be in play today. Call it the expansion of the strike zone in a big way. Guys told me before the tournament began that should the wind blow, it would prevent them from fishing key areas. That happened yesterday, but not so today. 
Add it all up and today has a lot of change in the works, which can be good or bad, depending on your game plan. 
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