What if it's a tie?

Two words the Bassmaster tournament staff never wants anyone to say out loud are "fog" and "tie." 

Fog certainly hasn't been a problem this week. But with unofficial weights so close at the top of the standings right now on BassTrakk, it's worth mentioning what would happen if there's a tie for the lead after today's weigh-in. 

It's simple, really.

If a tie occurs, the winner will be determined by a fish-off between the tied competitors. It's a kind of sudden-death overtime that is won by the first angler to land a legal bass of any description.

Both anglers would get the opportunity to reach the spot of their choice before either can make a cast. Tournament officials will accompany them.

The way these smallmouth are fighting on Lake Champlain, trying to land one fast could make for one nerve-racking OT.