What could have been

Fishermen are notorious for thinking about what could have been. Go to any weigh-in and you will hear countless sagas of the one that got away, or the decision made too late.

It’s what we do, make excuses and come up with reasons.

Looking at Cobb’s performance this week, all of us will center on his 11 pound, 1 ounce giant backed up with an 8-13 and an 8-8 and pronounce it an incredible derby for him.

Right now he had 103 pounds and change and climbing. But if you look a little closer, you can see some stumbles.

He started in a fantastic manner on Day 1 with 31-11. But if you were going to bet on trends after Day 2, you might not have been thinking about Cobb at all. He only posted 14-7 for the day on Day 2. That type of stringer doesn’t even garner any attention on this lake.

If Cobb drives away from here without the blue trophy, it will be that day he will relive as much as catching the giants on Day 3. But he’s catching them well enough on Day 4, he may not ever remember Day 2.

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