Weidler found hot spot in practice

Check out a wild semifinal Saturday for Bill Weidler at the YETI Bassmaster Elite at Lake St. Clair, where the Alabama angler caught more than 21 pounds of smallmouth.

Bill Weidler has felt he was on a potentially winning area since he found it in practice this week. It had then, and it does now, a bunch of big smallmouth bass. Weidler put one of those game-changing 5-pounders in his livewell at 9:17 a.m. today. He's staying at a campground in Anchor Bay. On the second day of practice, it was a little cool early, so he decided to drift around the bay a bit before running out on Lake St. Clair.

"I'm fishing out from one of the fingers that feeds the bay," Weidler said. "I found a bunch of areas with grass around sand flats. They're roaming in that sand. If I get over the grass, I'm not going to get bit. I have to be in the sand."

Weidler weighs his fish on an electronic digital scale. In practice he landed smallmouths weighing 6-1 and 5-14, and one "a lot bigger than 6" broke him off. Weidler left the spot at noon yesterday after burning through 4-pounder after 4-pounder. He's not leaving today.

"I need a mega-bag," said the Helena, Ala., resident. "I need to catch all fives and some sixes."

That would be a mega-bag alright. Weidler began the day in 8th place, 2-8 behind leader John Cox. With 5-pounders being such a difference maker, it seems as if the man with the most 5-pounders is going to win this tournament. And Weidler's got one now.

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