Walters wandering around

Day 3 leader, Patrick Walters is on a different program than everybody that we have seen this week. The third year Elite pro is roaming around a flat utilizing his forward facing sonar to locate fish.

Walters has rotated through a variety of baits, but has mostly relied on a jerkbait this morning.

After working over an area for the better part of an hour and a half, Walters had made a short run to another offshore area less than a mile away. Thus far, we have had to maintain a respectful distance due to how sporadically he is roaming these areas, which has made it more difficult to get a good feel for what he is focusing on.

After fishing the second offshore area, Walters slid over to the bank to fish the lone boat dock on the bank and was able to boat his best fish of the morning.

Although the South Carolina pro has had a slow morning, he seems to be fishing free and keeping an open mind.