Walters searching for ... mud

Patrick Walters is surrounded by about 10 boats in his fishing area, and using a Rat-L-Trap and 13 Fishing Loco Special jerkbait. The casting targets are quite unique. 

During springtime rains, runoff turns muddy from the eroded, exposed shorelines composed of dirt and clay. Wind or current draw the colored water into the open, and thus, a defined borderline forms as the particulates mix collide with the clearer water. 

Bass and other predators use the mud line as concealment to ambush baitfish swimming in the clearer side of the water column. 

That is the scenario in play in Walters' area. Only drawback is the mudline is dissipating, and so is the cover used by the bass. 

Even so, Walters yesterday said his area was so productive that he never tapped into his other areas, all of those offering more productivity. 

Here, you see Walters with his first bass of the day, caught just after 8 a.m. ET.