VanDam's next trophy?

It's still early in the day but there is another potential career benchmark in reach for Kevin VanDam.

Sure, he's fishing for a 21st win. Yet now VanDam is offshore where he can exploit his greatest strength and potenially significantly upgrade his weight. 

Should he continue upgrading VanDam has the possiblity of breaking the 100-pound mark for a win. He can certainly do that on a lake with the bass-producing potential of Toledo Bend. 

That puts him in what's referred to unofficially as the B.A.S.S. Century Club by trivia aficionados. Catching 100 pounds or better in a 5-bass limit tournament gets you in. But it's a higher mark when you win the tournament, too. 

VanDam has never won a tournament with 100 pounds or more.

In 2010 he came close, winning an Elite Series event on Kentucky Lake, doing, you guessed it, cranking offshore. His weight there was 92 pounds, 5 ounces.