Valuable AOY points for Wendlandt

We are sitting at check-point Cape Vincent waiting to see Clark Wendlandt come through.

He started the day in 4th place and in the lead of the AOY race. Yesterday he had a 19-point lead over Buddy Gross. 

Today he could lose some of those points. Currently he’s in 6th place according to BassTrakk. If that stays the same after weigh in Buddy Gross will have gained two points and the differential will be 17 points. 

It’s still early in the season. But points are critical all year long.  You never want to give up anything. 

If Wendlandt drops anymore Gross edges closer a point for every place Wendlandt falls. 

Wendlandt might wait until the very last second to leave in most events.  But with AOY being a factor he can ill afford to lose ground he’s gained.