Two for 9

Derek Hudnall just rediscovered that loving feeling in his new area. After catching a 4-pounder this morning at 8:15 in his primary area for Days 1 and 2, Hudnall caught nothing more and called an audible.

Not long ago, he made a key move, searching for new water. He might have found what he needs to stay inside the Championship Sunday cut. He is now out on the river, focusing on wind-blown current around cypress trees.

What else might matter is he put away the wacky rigged worm for a flipping jig that he is aiming at the cypress trees.

Key to the 5-pounder was the strike zone. Andy Crawford told me it came where a cut merges with the river channel, driven by wind-blown current. Add it all up and it was--and is--a prime combination of current and a textbook breakline.

BASSTrakk shows him with 9 pounds for two fish. He's still got plenty of time to build on the momentum.