Top bait breakdown

The Top Lures gallery will be published to the site early next week, but in the meantime, I wanted to share a breakdown by category.

Texas-rigged soft plastics are the front runners with 10 mentions. That includes straight-tail worms, creatures and stickbiats. No surprise there, considering the slender profile of those soft plastics easily penetrates the matted surface of the thick vegetation in play here this week. 

Jerkbaits came in second with six times in the lineup. That’s not surprising either. The interviews proved what we all learned earlier in the week. That was, jerkbaits were—and are today—the ideal choice for windy conditions. In the productive offshore areas, jerkbaits mimic the baitfish being fed upon by the more active bass. 

Crankbaits also accounted for six mentions. That was a bit surprising, considering the depth of the lakes. However, square bills and shallow runners were the players. 

Traditional leadhead jigs came up four times. And specifically, swim jigs. That was an ideal choice for the suspended fish along the windblown grassy areas. 

Toyko Rigs and bladed jigs had three and two mentions, respectively.