Timing docks

Hank Cherry said another great option for tournament-winning stringers is focusing on docks.

“Fish will be under the docks for shade, but they’re looking for one thing: bait,” Cherry said. “If they wanted to just swim around, they’d be out there (in open water).”

The challenge, however, is putting your bait under the dock holding a bass — and that’s a huge problem this time of year because fish aren’t grouped up. In fact, catching a bass under one dock doesn’t mean you’ve found a dock that could pay off throughout the event.

“It’s never the same dock, the same flip,” Cherry said. “You won’t catch them under the same docks every day.”

So how would he attack docks? It’s all a matter of hitting as many docks as possible during the day.

“You’re not going to be making a bunch of flips to one dock,” Cherry explained. “You have to cover water."