Strader with another 4-pounder

Steve Bowman and I departed West Sandy Creek and Wesley Strader for about 30 minutes to get a camera card to James Overstreet. Just a few seconds after we got back Strader reeled in a 4 plus pounder. We thanked him for waiting on us to get back. The spectators were all buzzing about a bigger fish he lost a few minutes earlier. Strader’s cull added a pound to a pound and a half to his livewell. That gives him 17 pounds in BASSTrakk and a 1 ounce lead over Skeet Reese. This tournament looks like a two man race at this point, with Strader and Reese volleying the lead back and forth for the first six hours of the day. Keep in mind, Reese only has four fish in BASSTrakk, while Strader still has a 2-12 in his livewell.