Storm changes could help Cook

We started Day 2 on Drew Cook, who sits in 6th on BassTrakk with two fish for 4-4 so far.

After a 2-hour storm delay, Cook is flipping shallow bushes.

The first thing we notice after the intense rain and wind is there’s more color to the water today. It’s still fairly clear, but it has a milky stain to it today.

Steve Bowman called this the perfect water color for catching bass. With stained water, an angler can get away with more. Whereas with clearer water the bass can see most everything.

Certainly, the whole field will be impacted by the above changes.

Today’s later start will likely reduce the weights coming into Dickies arena today. Most of the fish caught on Day 1 came early, during the rumored shad spawn, which the competitors probably missed today.

Cook told us Saturday will probably be a “moving day.” In other words, the dramatic storm will impact some guys positively and others negatively. Thus, some leaders may drop, and some guys in the back of the pack will make big moves up the leaderboard.

As they say, we shall see.