Some words from the water

Elam still has his three. And the general consensus is Grand, which was already tough, has turned meaner.

Of course we only have reports from the top three. Ortega struggled this morning. He had zero two hours ago. Elam just has about 4 pounds. And Alan Nail, who was in Duck Creek near Elam, only had one an hour ago.

There's still 9 guys we haven't heard or seen. Casey Scanlon and Roy Hawk both had exceptional days yesterday. And Tony Hartsell stumbled yesterday but showed us on Day 1 what he's capable of doing.

But for the top quarter of the field we can't put together a limit between them. That swings the door wide open for any of our final-day field. But without BassTrakk, it's anyone's guess who is putting together a championship day. We aren't even sure what that kind of day could look like at this point. Elam might be scratching it out with his three squeakers.

Either way the weigh in will be interesting to watch in a couple hours.

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