Slow go for Martin

That Blog title is actually a play on words. Scott Martin is 6th on the Leaderboard and 5th in BassTrakk. His score so far is 2 bass for 4 pounds, bringing his cumulative weight to 27 pounds, 14 ounces.

This morning Martin told me the key to his presentation is slowing his cadence.

"I'm seeing guys go over my area, my fish, and they are fishing way too fast," he said. "Thorough is the best word to describe how I am fishing."

Being thorough means methodically going through his areas. And he is doing that with a jerkbait and crankbait. Martin is targeting specific types of banks. In this photo, that bank is a textbook prespawn setup with riprap along a road and bridge with a culvert.

"The best part of the day is the high of 66 degrees in the forecast," he continued.

Martin's strike zone could expand if the water temperature continues to rise.

"Wherever I can find 50-degree water then I know there will be active largemouth."

Photo by Andy Crawford