Slow go for Jones

“It’s a slow go this morning,” said Chris Jones as he trolled across a pocket.

Jones started his morning trying to capitalize on an early shad spawn, something he wasn’t able do on a delayed Day 2. The Oklahoma native has had a good number of bites this morning but hasn’t been able to capitalize.

“They’re just swiping at it, they’re not getting it,” he said after missing another nice one. “I’m seeing them and they’re all three to four pounders.”

It seems as if Jones is moving on from the shad spawn and picking up his flipping stick.

Jones experienced a cool moment this morning when the reigning Bassmaster Classic Champion Hank Cherry was fishing around his area. After a short conversation about their mornings, Cherry decided to leave the area to let Jones have it.

“Good luck man, Enjoy it,” Cherry said as he pulled up his trolling motor.