Sharing pays off for Hartman

Jamie Hartman is sharing water with David Mullins. That paid off for both anglers fishing Championship Monday.

What else paid off was the reassurance of knowing one would help the other in the unlikely event of a mechanical breakdown. That is an unwritten code of honor in this sport that went into play this morning.

Hartman discovered a minor malfunction in his Mercury outboard shortly after arriving at the shared location. Hartman phoned B.A.S.S. tournament officials to summons the Mercury service crew. He made another call to his Mullins, letting him know about the scenario. Mullins agreed to be on stand by should Hartman need other help.

The service crew was dispatched, arrived and quickly and got Hartman back in the game in no time.

“There is no other sport like this where guys will help each other out even though competing against each other,” said Hartman.