Setting up Day 2

Day 2 is underway on Grand Lake and I'm bobbing in the waves down lake from the take off. 

I'm hoping to catch one of our leaders as they pass by. Without BassTrakk in these events it's hard to find and stay up with anglers. It just makes it a little more interesting. As does trying to decipher who could be leading this at any one point. All of that said to bring up the point of how exciting this event could turn out to be by the end of each day. 

The weights of this derby suggest there is a tough bite going on. But that's the case in early fall throughout the south. It likely won't change. It could get better for some, worse for others. But it will still be tough. And the standings will probably flip around as a result.  That alone always makes for an interesting event. 

But that on Grand just ratchets it up a few extra notches. Few people have to be reminded of Edwin Evers amazing come back in the Classic just a few years ago. That wasn't just Evers' Magic that produced that incredible bag. That was a Grand Lake thing. 

Knowing it can happen again today makes me want to be here all the more.

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