Seth Feider morning update

Seth Feider continues to grind through his day. The SIMMS TH Marine Pro has made some small upgrades to his Ballistic livewell and is hovering in the 13-pound range. 

Feider’s lost a couple of fish flipping the same grass line he’s been working all week. It’s hard to tell if they’d have helped him or not but you definitely don’t want to be losing fish on Saturday.

Feider finished 12th in the AOY in 2020 and is poised to fish his fourth Bassmaster Classic in just a few short weeks. Feider’s enjoyed success in his career with the Elite Series. In just 85 total events at B.A.S.S., Feider has 18 Top 10’s, 36 Top 20 finishes.

Once thought of as just a smallmouth angler, Feider loves to flip and admits, “At home, I gotta drive two hours to catch smallmouth. I can take my aluminum boat five minutes from the house and flip all day.”

Feider’s experienced a little bit of local boat traffic this morning but nothing too aggressive, and the only Elite Series Pro that we’ve seen in the area has been Feider’s friend and Kentucky Lake hammer, Matthew Robertson.