Seth Feider afternoon update

Seth Feider is probably one big bite away from having an opportunity to fish on Championship Sunday. He’s still got a two pounder in his Ballistic livewell to get rid of and he knows that one Guntersville bass could change that. 
The Daiwa Plano Pro has spent the majority of his day flipping and mixing the frog in where heavier covered mats present themselves. He’s used the frog bite to cull up a few times albeit small culls. 
The Minnesota native is throwing a small profile frog and his flipping setup consists of a 3/4 ounce weight, a 4/0 hook and a large creature bait in green pumpkin. 
Feider made a long run to fish the area that has served as his main areas this week and has indicated he wants to leave by 1:20pm in order to be comfortable making it back by his 2pm check in time. 
Whether the “Amazing Feiderman” cracks the Top 10 or not this weekend, he’ll head into the summer break and the upcoming Classic in Ft. Worth with the AOY lead and two events remaining. 
I know I’m not necessarily supposed to have a favorite but I know I’ll be rooting for Feider the rest of the year!