Saturday forecast update

While we'll have to deal with a few clouds at take off on Saturday morning, those clouds will dissipate and nearly full sunshine can be expected by the afternoon. Temperatures start off around 37 degrees at 7:30 a.m. and will warm to around 53 degrees for the daytime high. Winds will start off out of the north around 5-10 MPH but will slightly shift out of the northwest by noon. Dewpoints will hang around the mid-20s throughout the fishing day.

Sunday will start off with brighter skies and plenty of sunshine, but early morning temperatures at take off will actually be a couple of degrees colder, around 35 degrees. Skies will stay sunny throughout the fishing day, but we may have one or two passing clouds late. Afternoon highs will top out around 55 degrees and winds will mainly be out of the west at 2-7 mph after starting off out of the north at daybreak. Dewpoints will stay in the upper 20s throughout the day.