Rojas' frog tip

We just learned a valuable fishing tip from Dean Rojas on Bassmaster LIVE.

The textbook technique for fishing a topwater frog is casting out the lure, snapping the rod tip and imparting the lifelike swimming action of the real thing. Long casts are the norm, to cover a large surface area of frog-like habitat.

Rojas is doing different. Years ago he discovered on this very Arkansas River the frog produces well using a flipping and pitching technique. He does that when bass are buried beneath thick grass beds along a shoreline.

Mechanics of the technique are pitching the frog onto the surface of the vegetation and simply giving it a shake.

“You can flip a soft plastic lure into the same area but the frog is less likely to get hung up,” he explained.

And most of all, pressured bass like those on Lake Dardanelle get fooled by an obscure technique.

Rojas, famous for his frog design innovations, designed the frog he’s using now. That is a Spro Dean Rojas Bronzeye Frog 65.

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