Rojas’ frog savvy

Yesterday, Dean Rojas taught us yet another frog fishing tactic on Bassmaster LIVE. That tactic is flipping and pitching a frog over heavy vegetation.

“A lot of other guys that often throw frogs didn’t clue into certain things,” he told me. “They are great anglers, but I’ve spent literally thousands of hours learning and experimenting how to use the frog.”

Coincidentally, Rojas learned that flipping technique on this very Arkansas River, at the 2006 Bassmaster Major. This week he’s fishing with great confidence in the frog and especially on Day 4.

“The water coming up is going to put more water on the habitat where I’m fishing,” he explained. “That should put more fish in my strike zone.”

So far so good. BASSTrakk shows Rojas in 3rd place behind Mark Davis and Kevin VanDam.