Red Bulls and a jerkbait

Jacob Wheeler keeps running and gunning. And tossing back Red Bulls. He is supercharged in more ways than one.

A key to Wheeler's area is probing the outer confines of offshore shoals. The sweet spot is finding the hardest bottom nearest the deepest water, or a dropoff.

"These post-spawn smallmouth are in transition and there is no reason for them to move right now," he told me yesterday. "My guess is they will just keep feeding until the bait runs out, or the water gets too warm and they move deeper."

Joining the swimbait and Carolina rig in his lure arsenal is a Rapala Shadow Rap Deep, which is getting a Red Bull-fueled jerking across the strike zone.

Wheeler is also convinced that all he needs is a couple of 4-plus pounders to put him in the lead. He just put one in the livewell.