Rain, wind and sun

The cold front delivering rain across Lay Lake is soon to pass. By the looks of the radar it should diminish by midday. With it sunny early and then cloudy yesterday, it’ll be noteworthy to find out what, if anything, the all-day cloudy conditions will do to the bite. 

Spotted bass are easier to catch than largemouth, partially due to the wacky weather patterns over the last few days. And like on most spotted bass/largemouth impoundments, it’ll take the bigger largemouth to win the tournament. 

From what we’ve seen so far, the largemouth anglers are running and gunning. While the mixed bag guys are rotating between main lake spotted bass areas and largemouth areas in the creeks. 

The big change comes tomorrow. It’ll be a classic post front scenario with bluebird skies in the forecast and the high rising from the mid-30s tonight to the mid-50s by midday tomorrow.