Professional poor-mouthing?

All I heard last night was that the fishing was tough. They'd be lucky to catch 10 pounds. Have a look at BASSTrakk...

Don't trust these Elites. They are some of the biggest poor-mouthers you'll ever meet. 

As a counterpoint, here's what Gary Klein, who coincidentally has 17 pounds in BASStrakk, had to say to Steve Wright. 

"Fifteen pounds a day will win this, hands down," said Gary Klein. "Unless I've just totally missed the bite, I think we'll see a lot of limits that will be in the 7- to 8-pound range. Somebody could catch 18 or 19 pounds and lead it the first day, but it's going to be real hard to back that up here."

We'll see, Gary. I'm not so sure.