Photographer group text

Part of the unseen things that go on around these events is the group text among photographers on the water. Trust me it’s a good thing they stay unseen.

But I think it’s worthy of offering a glimpse.

It started this morning when we woke up to basically calm conditions in Clayton.

Shane Durrance, our very-talented shooter from Georgia, let everyone know that “The weather has changed.”

He followed that with an all caps “SWEET.” Obviously that didn’t last long.

Once Durrance got to Cape Vincent, his next text: “Please scratch what I said about the wind today. The weatherman can kiss my @#%. We already have 6 footers. And it’s only 7:15.”

It was sometime before the chatter picked up after that. Andy Crawford, one of our veterans from Louisiana added, “Glad I’m not in the lake. It’s rough as a cob in the river.“

Seigo Saito, our Japanese photographer, followed with, “Oh it’s not that bad. It’s just 12-footer one after the other.”

Crawford responded: "How many waves did you spear, Seigo?”

To which Seigo said, “Don’t talk to me. I’m fighting against waves. Haha, but I can still text in 8-footers now. Glad I’m on walleye boat today.”