Paquette fireworks

Garrett Paquette has had a pretty awesome 30-minute flurry. We expect it might continue. But if the next 30 is as good as the last, then we could definitely see some fireworks.

Paquette had been just rocking along. We watched him for a moment on the Live show where he caught a 4-6. On his next cast he hooked up with a “big one.” It jumped off, then on the next cast he caught a 4-12. And sometime after, he caught a 5-3. That was all between 12:30 and 12:50.

He now has 21 pounds, 6 ounces for his creel and is sitting in third place with 69-3, just under 5 pounds out of the lead.

I type that and Keith Combs adds a 4-10 and moves by him. But Paquette has quietly been a mainstay in this event. It appears from the video that he has found a really good spot off shore.

That’s been the trend for most of our leaders. If you see a big one caught, it’s coming from off shore. Those who have found those little honey hole spots could be driving all of this before it’s all over. Paquette, one of our former top collegiate anglers, could be right there.

Take a look at his morning gallery on Lake Fork.