Palaniuk's fishing 'all over the place'

Brandon Palaniuk had a calm confidence about him after weighing his second-place total of 24-7 yesterday. He said it could have been a better day, but he was satisfied. Well, yeah, I guess you would be. Palaniuk wasn't being cocky. He said he'd caught some giants in practice, and he carried it into Wednesday with an 8-pound, 4-ounce bass first thing in the morning.

With that attitude and those results, you might think that Palaniuk had a school of big bass located offshore and all to himself. Actually, it's anything but that.

"From 2 to 30 feet, I'm all over the place," said Palaniuk in describing the various depths where he caught fish Wednesday. "I've got 10 rods on the deck. I'm just catching 'em on different stuff. It depends on what I feel like throwing at the time. I'll be going down a bank and throw six different rods.

"Different types of cover, different depths, I'm not dialed in on one pattern."

Palaniuk's comments sounded quite similar to what Day 1 leader Brent Ehrler described – if it looks good, fish it, no matter what the depth. BASSTrakk currently shows Ehrler in first place by two ounces over Palaniuk, so whatever they're doing, it's working again today.