Others chipping away

Drew Cook continues to nibble away. He’s added a 3-13 that replaces his 3-6 and is now 12 pounds, 14 ounces away from Pipkens.

It’s a steep climb but he is chipping away.

Others chipping away are Caleb Sumrall who boated the day’s second largest bass (7 pounds, 8 ounces) at 11:20. That puts him in 11th place. That’s a good sign for him, until Winyah Bay, Sumrall was struggling a bit. But it seems like he has his feet under him after these last two events.

Jeff Gustafson has jumped into 8th on the strength of a 5-4, while Seth Feider has moved into the top 15 and has yet to catch one larger than 4-14.

While all these guys are moving, we continue to watch Chris Zaldain, who is stuck on three fish, his largest a 2-12. But he remains in the top 10. He has a lot of weight to make up and a lot of positions to make it up with. We can only guess he’s swinging for the fences like he always does. It paid off tomorrow, but this might be a day where he might want to hit a few doubles and triples to stay in the game.