Ortega off to a good start

My original plan was to trail in behind James Elam this morning. But I never saw him run by from my position at the Shangri La point. 

I decided to run into Horse Creek and see if I could find Andy Ortega. He's sitting in second at the moment. And he was pretty energetic at the weigh in. I wanted to see what this young guy was all about. 

As soon as I pull up on him, he's running to the back deck of his boat, kneeling and swaying. He was obviously catching one. You always like that. 

I couldn't help but think how this guy looked like Iaconelli scrambling around the boat. 

He boated the fish, a 2-pound class keeper. Then let me know he also had. 4-pounder in the well. 

In an event where it will likely only take 22 to 23 pounds to make the final-day cut, Ortega is just one keeper from that mark. We expect to see him tomorrow.