One fish away

Carl Jocumsen started today in third place, the highest in tournament standings he’s been all year. It’s been a very difficult season for the young Aussie, but he knows no quit.

Never has.

He’s a fighter. Always has been.

Jocumsen is one fish away from likely winning this event. BASSTrakk weights are unofficial, and we have to witness the final weigh-in to be sure — plus, the other anglers are a factor too.

But with four fish he’s already registering one of the heaviest sacks of the tournament.

He’s out of the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year race. He’s out of Classic contention, but having nothing to lose makes him a dangerous man.

If Jocumsen can put together 17 pounds, he’ll be very tough to beat, perhaps unbeatable. This could be the comeback derby of the year.

It’s been a special morning. Only time will tell if it’s Jocumsen’s day or not. Sure seems like it so far.