Now I've seen it all

After sitting under a bridge for 20 mins letting a rain shower pass, we headed further into the Missisquoi Bay just on this side of the border from Canada. We spot an angler and decide to stop for a few minutes.

As I’m watching the guy standing and casting, I am having a terrible time trying to figure out who it is. It looks like David Fritts, his boat looks like Fritts, but the guy is standing up. David Fritts has not fished a crankbait standing up since 1998, so he said.

As we decide to go in quietly with the trolling motor he sets the hook on a 4-pounder. At this point we’re close enough that I can use my camera to take a photo and zoom in on the back of the camera to see the name of the side of the boat.

I said to myself, now I have seen it all! David Fritts standing and casting a crank bait. Not to mention he’s in the top 10 with around 18 pounds on BASSTrakk.

I asked David after he put the last fish in the boat, how much weight he had he turned to me smiling and said in that super Southern, recognizable voice of his, “ Oh I don’t know, maybe 17 or 18,” then he kept laughing, which tells me he might have more.

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