No looking for Rivet

“I hate sight fishing, I have a very hard time leaving a fish on a bed — I’d dedicate too much time to it,” Tyler Rivet said. “They will break your heart: There one day, gone the next for no reason. You won’t see me doing that this week.”

And probably to his advantage when considering the high likelihood of overcast, wind and heavy rain tomorrow. He is wise to take that approach, because the angler who has multiple patterns working, especially a few that are NOT sight-fishing based, will stay competitive with the changing conditions.

“I’ve been hitting a lot of spots,” he said. “It seems like I’ll catch one good one and not get another bite at a particular place. I’ll keep moving, that just makes the most sense at this point.”

While he doesn’t know it, at the time of this writing he is in control of the derby with around 15 pounds, a Day-1 weight that will be helpful. But it’ll likely take more than that to begin Day 2 in the lead.

Time will tell.