Needles in a haystack

Sorry for the long silence. Finding anglers who are leading this event is worse than looking for needles in a haystack because the needles keep moving.

We are using the BASSTrakk map, which is supposed to show the anglers’ locations. However, the anglers tend to move before the map can update.

We pinpointed Seth Feider, who was in the top five at the time, and about the time we located the shoreline he had been fishing, he was long gone.

Same for Paul Mueller, the current Leader. It seems that the leaders all gravitated to the lower end of the lake.

We are watching Keith Combs, who is in fifth place with 10 fish and 28 pounds. In 4 1/2 hours on the water, we have not seen a single fish catch. He’s guys are catching fish, but not while we are looking.

Each of the anglers we have been following, including Combs, stops on a spot and fishes for a few minutes and quickly moves if nothing bites in that timeframe. This is stop and go fishing.