Murray's 1-2-3 punch

John Murray this morning switched to a deep diving crankbait to catch prespawn bass. What got him here, though, was a trio of lures fished in shallower water. 

This morning Murray told me that a River2Sea S-Waver swim bait helped him locate bass. 

"It's best in clear, calm water but there hasn't been much of that in my area," he explained.

The big 4.75-inch, 13/16-ounce swimbait does indeed get attention. Murray fished the glide-style lure like a jerkbait for a reason. 

"When I missed a fish then I switched to the true jerkbait," he said.

As I reported earlier in my blog that lure is a Smithwick Rogue that Murray guesses to be 25 or 30 years ago. 

Finally, when encountering bedding bass he picked up a flip shot rig. The combo featured an 8-inch Gene Larew Lures Tattletail Worm, rigged to a 2/0 jhook and 1/4 ounce weight.

The lesson learned is that Murray varied his bait selection to maximize strike potential in his area.