Mullins haunted by lost bass

David Mullins has lost two big smallmouth bass today. The last one was particularly heartbreaking, as Mullins thought it was solidly hooked on his crankbait and he had it almost to the boat. When it popped loose, Mullins was inconsolable. 

And he's been here before, unfortunately. Mullins was in contention for the title twice last year - at Cayuga Lake and Lake Lanier. "I had it won on the third day," Mullins said of Cayuga. "I lost a 4-pounder and a 3-pounder the third day. If I land those two, I win that one. It was the same way at Lanier. I think if I land two I missed, I win that tournament too."

Several anglers have noted how much Lake Champlain's smallmouth bass enjoy going airborne. That's often a kiss bye-bye for an angler.

"Sometimes they're in the air more than they are in the water," Mullins said Saturday. "It's fun to watch, but it's heartbreaking at the same time because you know one's getting ready to come off. It's 50-50 almost on landing one."

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