A move for Monti

Kyle Monti has made a move into the top 10 of the biggest fish. He just landed an 8-pound even largemouth. That’s the third largest fish of the day.

More than that it’s the type move Monti needs for his season. In a creel littered with 2- and 3-pounds, he’s jumped to 19th in this event. He likely would have to add a couple more of those giants to stick around for the final. But he needs to stay in the top 20 or better.

He’s currently in 60th in the AOY race, so he’s struggled in his second season on the Elite Series. A good finish would surely move him up in the standings, not for any title, but to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic. Depending on how those standings work out, that fish will have a big bearing where Monti winds up.