Mosley's weekend plan

Yesterday, Brock Mosley caught 18 pounds of largemouth early and then went fishing later in the day for smallmouth. The double-dip approach paid off with a weight of 19 pounds, 13 ounces.

Earlier in the week, Mosely became a father (again). Part of his strategy around focusing on largemouth — in this very smallmouth-centric fishery — was to balance the distractions of what was going on at home, with the pinpoint mental focus required to compete. In other words, Mosely went largemouth fishing to clear his head.

Keeping it simple and focusing on the easier-to-catch largemouth, enabled Mosley to not only do that, but to climb the leaderboard. A bladed jig pitched around shallow grass and docks along the shoreline did the trick.

Yesterday, Mosley admitted another reason for the shoreline largemouth strategy.

"In the morning, the shoreline is quiet and there isn't anyone out swimming and creating a lot of noise that can scare the fish in the clear water, and all that," he said.

That explains why Mosely beats the shoreline for all it's worth, before moving out deeper into the smallmouth waters.