Mosley's bag of tricks

Brock Mosley is fishing his second Championship Sunday of the season. The first was in familiar territory on Ross Barnett Reservoir in his home state of Mississippi.

Mosley's father was catching lots of smallmouth on Pickwick Lake using a Ned rig. He tossed some of the homemade rigs in his son's boat for the long trip to New York.

That began in late June when Mosley traveled to Oneida Lake site of Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Northern Open #1. The rig helped Mosley finish 14th in the tournament.

Now, he's using it again. BASSTrakk shows Mosley in second place behind leader Kevin VanDam, which is very impressive considering the list of anglers behind them both.

Mosley is using other lures, too, and you can see them all early this week when mine and Garrick Dixon's Lures of the Top 12 gets published to

In the meantime here are the details of what Mosley is using.

His finesse selection features a 4-inch Poor Boy's Tube inserted through the head a 3/8-ounce Poor Boy's Goby Profile Tube Jig Head. Mosley also makes a drop shot rig with a Netbait Contour Worm, 1/0 Gamakatsu Hook and 3/8-ounce weight. Key bites also came on a homemade 1/5-ounce homemade Ned Rig with a Yamamoto Senko.

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