Mosley: Smallies or largies?

Brock Mosley. “There are a lot of options. The smallmouth are biting better than last year. And the largemouth are biting good for me too (smiles).”

Brock Mosley grinned when I asked which he would be targeting this week. Largemouth or smallmouth?

That was a legit question I asked yesterday while doing Dock Talk with Andy Crawford. Last year, Mosley scored a 3rd place finish on the St. Lawrence River targeting largemouth. In 2017, he placed 2nd on a catch of mostly smallmouth?

"A guy will be able to go out there and do whatever he wants this week," he said.

Come on, man, I answered. I wanted him to drill down. Here's the word.

"I'm catching largemouth as good as I did last year, and smallmouth just as good as I did in 2017," he said.

That's strong, considering the state of flux of the smallmouth population. They are reportedly mostly in postspawn. There are some late spawners, and most of the guys I spoke with yesterday said they are catching smallmouth from 2- to 40-feet-of-water.

I think that might be what Mosley meant about a guy having lots of options to fish shallow or deep.

Mosley is on the BassTrakk scoreboard now with a pair of 3-pounders weighing about 6 pounds. Which are they? Largemouth or smallmouth? Maybe we'll find out when Bassmaster LIVE comes on.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about Mosley, even though it's early in the first quarter of this game.

  • He's qualified for four of the eight possible Championship Sundays
  • A 3rd place here in 2020
  • A 2nd place here in 2017
  • A 5th place finish at the Classic last month
  • Currently 10th in points for Bassmaster Angler of the Year