Mosley making up for lost day

Among those who have reported on a few Bassmaster Classics, it’s a betting game. How many times will anglers say this on the Day 1 weigh-in stage: “You can’t win the Bassmaster Classic on Day 1, but you CAN lose it.” Ugh. There is some truth in the statement, and proof of it this year is Brock Mosley.

The 32-year-old, Collinsville, Miss., pro was highly confident coming into his second Bassmaster Classic. The three-day pre-practice period and Wednesday’s official practice day left him feeling good about his chances, and catching an 8-pounder was only part of his confidence. He shook off plenty of other bass. Catching five keepers didn’t appear to be a problem. Then came Day 1 and Mosley caught only four keepers weighing 8-10, which put him in 41st place in the 54-angler field.

Mosley caught only four keepers again yesterday, but they weighed 14-5 and moved him into 16th place. Today he’s moving up again. He’s got a limit for the first time in the tournament. It weighs 14-4 and includes the big bass of the day so far - a 6 1/2-pounder. He’s up to 7th place on BassTrakk.