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Minnesota Bass Series at Minnewaska

Minnesota Bass Series visited Lake Minnewaska in central Minnesota for our third event of the season and the weather, as it always seems to do, came with storms and high winds, but lucky enough cleared up and calmed down at the end of the day for weigh-in. 

Minnewaska is a large and wide open lake south of Alexandria. The lake is fully developed and typically has great water clarity, but this year water clarity was down to less than 2ft due to rain.  Both largemouth and smallmouth exist in this body of water and have the ability to win the event.    

The weed growth has expanded from past years creating a lot of good structure for fish and baitfish, making it a challenge to locate schools of large fish.  Smallmouth were still roaming the shallows, but sight fishing was not possible like years past. 

As mentioned earlier, the weather hit us hard again.  The morning take off was calm and humid, but quickly the first wave of storms moved in with a strong east wing. Waves build up quickly on this body of water.  As the day progressed, the second wave of storms moved in switching the wind from the SSE.  At 2:30 the skies cleared and wind subsided, luckily enough as the wind was coming in strong into our weigh site. 

Greg Guertin and Joe Towner came in with a nice bag of largemouth weighing in at 17.04# with a 4.04 kicker.   2nd place went to Dave Saterbak and Ryan Ploof with 16.87# of largemouth.   Top 6 boats all had largemouth.  It was a tough day for many, 30 boats weighing under 14#.

Big bass honors went to Justin and Scott Schneider with a 4.51# largemouth.