Marooned photog

Ronnie Moore, an analyst for Bassmaster LIVE and generally a do-it-all kind of media guy, is the on-water photographer this week. You’ll see Ronnie’s gallery later this morning.

It could have been much later, or not at all.

Here he is, aboard a Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency law enforcement patrol boat. Seems that Ronnie decided to beach his Phoenix boat, tie it off and go afoot to snap photos of the anglers. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Get some beauty shots, generally different angles and get up close to the anglers.

Only thing was the rope used to tie off the boat. It snapped. Ronnie watched as the boat drifted farther and farther away from the shoreline.

What to do?

Officers aboard the TWRA boat spotted the ghost ship, scanned the horizon and found the embarrassed Ronnie Moore standing on the shoreline.

He’s back in action now. On behalf of B.A.S.S., we salute you TWRA for coming to the aid of one of our own.

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