Luken has a limit

We have caught up with the Day 1 co-angler leader Matt Luken from Kentucky and his boater Doug Sauls from Florida. 

After catching a three bass limit of 9-1 yesterday, Luken has three bass today for about five pounds and is looking to upgrade. 

Sauls and Luken are throwing slow moving baits on secondary points not far from takeoff at Green Pond Landing.

The pair have caught only spotted bass today and yesterday. 

“Limits weren’t hard to come by in practice it was just about finding good ones,” Luken said. “And I caught some good ones yesterday.”

For Sauls, the lake has changed since he arrived for practice on Monday. 

“We were catching 14-15 a day Monday and Tuesday,” he said. “The wind has gone full circle this week. The fishing has been really random.”